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About UON

What is the Union of Nature?

The Union of Nature Foundation (UON) is a worldwide group of collaborating nature protection organizations (NPOs) with a business model to accelerate nature protection.

At the heart of the model is the 'uon', a unique digital proof of protection of a sustainably protected geocoded unit of nature, registered in your name.

Is UON a charity?

No, UON is not a charity.

UON is a not-for profit foundation with a business model. Our business model provides recurring income to sustain ourselves, and any profit it may generate must be put to use to benefit our purpose of accelerating nature protection.

Our distribution partner EarthToday, a tech company with a purpose portal to campaign for nature together, brings our product, the uon, to the world.

What are NPOs?

NPOs, or nature protection organizations, are the members of UON that protect the areas of nature all over the world. Typically, the NPOs are well-established and recognized organizations in the field of nature, wilderness, or wildlife conservation, protection, or restoration that work not-for-profit.

How does the business model benefit an NPO?

The business model unlocks an additional long-term revenue stream for participating NPOs. NPOs receive funds for every uon sold, and contractually commit to bring a new unit of nature under protection on a 1-for-1 basis. This is how we scale.

How can my nature organization become a member?

We apply the same predefined access criteria to all nature organizations that want to become a UON member. The main criteria are:

Why was UON founded?

UON was founded to empower the private sector, consumers and businesses, to contribute to the global goal of protecting the planet meter x meter, with a simple, tangible, and accessible solution for all: the uon.

About uon

What is a uon?

A uon is a unique digital proof of protection of a sustainably protected geocoded unit of nature, registered in your name.

The uon offers a simple, tangible, and accessible proposition for contributing directly to the 30×30 and 50×50 goals.

The uon is the singular product of UON, and is distributed through the purpose portal of our tech partner EarthToday company.

What is a unit of nature?

A unit of nature is either 1 m2 of land or 9 m2 of sea that is protected by a UON member and is located in the nature area defined in their contract with UON.

Every unit of nature is uniquely defined in a global grid based using unique 3-word codes by What3Words. E.g. ///overhear.sensibly.timbers

How many m2 is planet Earth?

The planet has a surface of approx. 510 trillion m2. That is 510,000,000,000,000 m2.

With approx 11% already protected, we still need to protect about 200 trillion m2 in the next decades to reach the global goal of 50% protected by 2050. That is 25,000 m2 per person alive today. Or 1,000 per person per year for the next 25 years..

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